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En Moldes Picassent somos expertos en la fabricación y mantenimiento de moldes, cambios de ingeniería y modificaciones.
Y ahora en nuestro nuevo proyecto de acabados, principalmente en el de cajeras de acabado y taladrados de refrigeraciones.


Bimateria molds, molds of automotive industry, molds for household items, industrial part molds


We provide engineering studies or complete mold development including corrections or modifications to achieve an optimum performance.


We use the latest technology in milling techniques and tools to optimize machining operations, reducing cycle times and producing higher quality surface finishes.


If required we develop you the engineering project and the mold with maximum precision and quality.

About us

We are a company dedicated to the mold sector, both new molds as modifications and changes in engineering.
We have embarked on a new project dedicated on milling and deep drilling of all processes of mold construction. As contract manufacturer we are at our partners' disposal.
We have got more than 20 years of experience in the automtive sector.

As we are able to make deep drillings from a diameter of 4mm up to a diameter of 25mm and of 1100mm deep we have the possibility to work and temper in a faster, more effective and cost-reducing way.
Milling of sides of any kind in the same drilling position and with a fourth shaft allow to us, in particular in the production of cooling drillings, a huge saving of time.
High quality finishes and dimensional accuracy distinguish the production of our mold frames.
Our intention is to produce all mechanical works that are necessary for the construction of a mold to produce also the cavity inserts quickly, accurately and in parallel of the production, such as guides, free milling, coolings, ejection systems and devices for hydraulic systems.


    From 4 ∅ 25 ∅ 1100 mm deep.


    Deep drilling of cooling system


    In all our commitments

  • 3 SHIFTS

    We guarantee a timely completion and delivery of your orders


One of our great advantages is to have three shift working system which allows us to be very flexible in our delivery dates.
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recently updated and improved
Periodically we renew our productive means to upgrade our machinery to come up with the demands of our customers.
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CAD, CAM and technical office
Our Technical Office has highly qualified engineers, and is equipped with the latest technical advances. TECHNICAL OFFICE: 3 posts CAD / CAM with MX and 4 positions technical office.
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A committed workforce
Our commitment and the high qualification of our staff provide a professional and competitive work. In total we have 27 workers of milling cutters, lathe operators, deep drillers, toolmakers, wire erosers, erosers of penetration, technical office, administration and management at your disposal.


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